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No Exams

Exams help Insurers determine your price. We use data and design... no need to draw blood to get a good price.

Flexible Terms

Most Insurers have standard terms. With iCover you pick the coverage amount and term length that meets your needs.

Optional Features

Purchase add-on coverages for extreme activities and hobbies, occupational hazards, international travel.

Loyalty Rewards

Earn rewards when you pay, post reviews on social media, refer friends, and provide personal data!


Increase Online Presence

iCover helps Life Insurers increase online sales without having to own the technology.

Instantly Issue Policies

People buy life insurance in under 5 minutes with our real simple online experience.

Better Risk Assessment

We calculate a decision and project mortality using our proprietary scoring logic.

Higher STP and Conversion

iCover's scoring logic and design maximizes auto-acceptance and minimizes drop-outs.

Lower Costs

Issuing policies costs less because the entire new business process is automated.

Secure Quality Data

Blockchain delivers remarkable data integrity, security and underwriting transparency.


iCover is the first Life Insurance Service on Blockchain


Blockchain's powerful encryption and decentralized network means data is less vulnerable to attack and corruption.


Strong encryption and the inability to change records without notification and verification means you can trust the data.



We Help You Sell Insurance

iCover is a digital platform that enables insurers to sell, underwrite, issue and administer life insurance at a fraction of the typical cost.

We Make Buying Insurance Easy

Millennials do not buy insurance like previous generations. We understand their mindset and what it means to deliver an experience they will enjoy!

We Accelerate Underwriting

Our scoring framework can achieve auto-acceptance rates above 70%. We combine structured logic and analytics to score risks like an underwriter and predict mortality.

We Believe in Our Product

Our motivation to create iCover is personal. We believe everyone should have some coverage and have created a solution to help achieve this goal.


Hari Srinivasan, Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur and leader of multiple startups. Advisor to SpaceKidz. Passion for leveraging new technologies. 15+ years of successfully leading teams, 10 years in InsureTech.

Nicole Mwesigwa, Co-founder and COO

Multi-talented personality blending tech and business acumen. Finance and Econ education. 20 years in InsureTech launching accelerated underwriting and predictive model services.

Vijaya Lakshmi Narayan S, CTO

Technology leader with a strong background in building and scaling B2B and B2C applications. Expertise in new and emerging frameworks, scripting languages, open-source technologies, Blockchain and AI. Technology advisor, mentor and entrepreneur.

Kelly Outlaw, Advisor

Kelly Outlaw, Chief Financial and Operating Officer for Austin Habitat for Humanity, has worked in executive leadership for more than 10 years. Her areas of focus and achievement are in financial analysis, business development, M&A, as well as strategy development and execution. Prior to her role at Habitat, Kelly was the CFO for a ExxonMobil distributor in Texas and worked to maximize profitability in an everchanging Oil & Gas industry. She is a licensed CPA in the State of Texas and a proud alumni of The University of Texas. Kelly serves on the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross of Central & South Texas, and is an active member of The Fellowship Church in Round Rock Texas.

James J. Sorebo, Advisor

James J. Sorebo, CLU®, Senior Vice President, Community Banks & Independent BDs for Highland Capital Brokerage, has worked in financial services for over 40 years, including as the founder & CEO of an industry-leading insurance and investment company, Four Seasons Financial Group, distributing life insurance, annuities and long term care. He has been a featured keynote speaker before numerous industry groups, conferences, and conventions. Jim has served on the board of The Lone Survivor Foundation helping service men and women suffering from PTSD. He has also given back to the National Assoc of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies - NAILBA board for six years and served as its Chairman, and is currently serving as the President of the NAILBA Charitable Foundation.

Craig Simms, Advisor

Craig Simms, founder and principal of Forest Lake Consulting, offers comprehensive distribution consulting for life insurers and insurtech innovators. His areas of focus include:
Consumer and agent-facing digital quote and apply platforms ,Accelerated underwriting integration and implementation ,Creating an ecosystem where both agent and consumer-facing platforms can contribute to growth with minimal disruption.
Prior to creating Forest Lake, Craig was the Chief Marketing Officer for Vantis Life Insurance Company. Over his 18 years at Vantis, he expanded the company footprint from one state to 50, drove a comprehensive re-branding initiative, and built an industry leading, award-winning (BISA Technology Award) digital agent- and consumer-facing life insurance quote and apply process.